Seafood appetizer

Mixed seafood appetizer

Thinly sliced prowns

Sliced octopus

Stir fry baby fish

Fried squids

Thinly sliced fresh fish


Oysters Normandy

Selection of assorted appetizers

Vegetable flan with parmesan sauce

Baked radicchio with mozzarella cheese and anchovies sauce

Buffalo mozzarella cheese

Ewe’s cheese with honey

Selection of assorted appetizers

Baked pecorino cheese with truffle sauce

Prosciutto from Langhirano

Seafood main dish

Sauteèd seafood

Black wild rice with prawns

Linguine with scampi and citrus zest

Linguine with amberjack ragout and tomato sauce

Spaghetti with seafood

Fresh pasta with mussels, pachino and pecorino cheese

 Main dish

Beef Lasagna with mushrooms and truffle sauce

Potatoes gnocchi “Sorrento “ style

Spaghetti with garlic and chilli pepper

Penne pasta with garlic and chilli pepper

Agnolotti with beef ragout and truffle sauce

Spaghetti with egg, bacon and ewe’s cheese

Short cut pasta with bacon and ewe’s cheese

Fresh pasta with black pepper, ewe’s cheese and fried artichokes

Bucatini pasta with bacon, onion, tomato sauce and ewe’s cheese

Seafood second dish

Fish soup (when available)

Thinly sliced fresh fish

Tuna or amberjack tartare

Fish slices of the day


Fresh fish of the day

Codfish with tomato , capers, pine nuts and onions

Smoked marlin

Grilled prowns with fresh basil sauce

Spiny-lobster with vegetables and orange

Second dish

Thinly sliced grilled beef with aromatic herbs

Sliced beef ( with gineper or rosmary or pepper)

Roasted veal with cheese fondue, almonds and pine nuts

Fillet of beef (in green or pink pepper, orange sauce or truffle sauce)

Grilled rack of veal

Spareribs with honey sauce

Meat balls with sauce of the day

Veal escalope

Grilled lamb chops

Oxtail stew

Tripe roman style

Porcini mushrooms (in season)

Grilled beef fillet


Baked pecorino cheese with truffle sauce

Fresh tomato,buffalo mozzarella cheese and basil

Fried whole artichoke (in season)

Mixed grilled vegetables

Garden salad

Steamed seasonal vegetables


Walnut icecream with Averna

Ricotta icecream with cherries

Chestnut icecream with cognac

Lemon ice cream & vodka


Filo pastry with almonds, cream and apple

Homemade cakes (please ask to your waiter)

Creme Brulee

Fresh pineapple

Wild berries